Best Animated Film

Pixar’s Coco is the easy frontrunner here. A nomination is guaranteed, and if you want to be ambitious, you can probably go ahead and mark it down for the win too. The only competition it will have is The Breadwinner, which could end up being some really stiff competition. The film is about a young Afghan girl disguising herself as a boy so she can provide for her family. A great premise for a film, and since it’s coming form the same studio as films like Song of the Sea, it could end up being a really great movie.

The next two most likely nominees are two the LEGO movies. LEGO Batman is probably a safer bet than LEGO Ninjago, but I suspect both will be nominated. After that, Ferdinand will be the next best contender. The film has yet to be released, so if it turns out to be a terrible movie, then it will fall from contention. I don’t really see that happening though.

The two films with the potential to mix things up are The Girl Without Hands and Loving Vincent. The Girl Without Hands comes out of France and has the premise of a kind of folktale, so there’s potential for it to be truly fascinating. It’s become tradition for at least one or two foreign films to be nominate in this category, and this year The Girl Without Hands could be the number two. The other wild card possibility it Loving Vincent. This Van Gogh biopic was filmed live-action, then reanimated using thousands of oil paintings in the signature style of the artist. Technically, the concept is sure to gain attention, so if the movie is even a little bit good, I can see it being nominated.

Updated 29 October, 2017


Coco          The Breadwinner        The LEGO Batman Movie

  The LEGO Ninjago Movie          Ferdinand

Next in Line:

The Girl Without Hands           Loving Vincent         Cars 3

Still in it:

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

Despicable Me 3          Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Animal Crackers         The Boss Baby

Also in the Race:

Blazing Samurai          My Little Pony: The Movie          The Sta

Smurfs: The Lost Village       The Nutjob 2: Nutty By Nature

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